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Use Spotlight on the Mac to Convert Units, Track Flights, Find Movies, and More!

Among all the new stuff in macOS is a solid performer that too many Mac users overlook: Spotlight. Did you know you can use it to do currency conversions, track flights, check movie showtimes, and more?

Use This Hidden Feature in Safari to Access Tabs on Your Other Apple Devices

ut you may not know that Safari has a great tab-management feature that lets you access all the open tabs on all your devices.

Running Low on Space on Your Mac? Here’s How to Clear Unnecessary Data

Is your Mac complaining about being low on drive space? Learn how to use the macOS Storage Management window to find and delete gigabytes of old, unnecessary, or obsolete files.

Winter Weather Warning: Keep Your Tech Toasty!

Ever wondered why your iPhone battery seems to die so much faster in the cold? It’s science! Read on for details and advice about caring for other electronic devices in cold weather.

iCloud Services Being Kaflooey? Check Apple’s System Status Page

If you can’t send or receive email, if photos aren’t transferring via iCloud Photo Library, or if some other iCloud-related service isn’t responding, try this…

Apple Moved Control Center in iOS 12 on the iPad—Here’s Where to Find It

Although most of what’s new in iOS 12 are new features, one change for change’s sake may throw you. Where is Control Center in iOS 12?

So What Are All Those Stacks of Notifications in iOS 12?

Apple corralled notifications by grouping them into stacks so you no longer see an endless screen of alerts. Find out how to make the most of this new feature.

When Should You Upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13?

So many new operating systems—macOS 10.15 Catalina, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13! We have a brief overview of the new features and calm advice on when you should upgrade each of your Apple devices to the new hotness.

Try Trello for Group Collaboration and Project Management

Trying to manage tasks or data in a group project? Read on to learn more about Trello, a highly flexible group collaboration service that uses the metaphor of sticky notes on a whiteboard.

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