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Here’s How to Load the Desktop Version of a Web Site on an iPhone or iPad

Some Web sites have separate desktop and mobile versions, learn how to switch between them.

13 Essential Trackpad Tricks for Mac Users

Did you know that you can make your Mac dance (well, not literally) with two-, three-, and four-fingered gestures on the trackpad? Read on to learn more.

Ransomware Is on the Rise: Learn How to Protect Your Macs

The scourge of ransomware isn’t yet common on the Mac, but it makes sense to prepare for the possibility—before your organization is hit with a ransom demand. Read on for our advice on how to protect your systems:

Use Emergency Bypass and You’ll Never Miss a Call or Text from Important People

If there are certain people whose calls and texts you always want to break through the cone of silence, iOS has a solution!

Easily Save Drafts When Composing Messages in Mail on the iPhone

Need to check something in another email message while composing a message in Mail on an iPhone?

Forget Adobe Acrobat: Preview May Be All You Need to Work with PDFs

If you think you have to pay for a pricey copy of Adobe Acrobat DC just to add and remove pages from PDFs, annotate documents, redact text, fill PDF forms, and sign documents, think again. Preview can do all that and more for free.

Make Safari Tabs Easier to Identify by Adding Icons

Do you end up with so many tabs in Safari that it becomes impossible to read the truncated tab titles? Safari 12 has a new feature for you!

Make a Backup before Upgrading to Catalina or iOS 13!

To go forward—to macOS Catalina or iOS 13—you must back up. Before you press the install button for either, make sure you’ve backed up your Mac or iOS device. Here’s how:

iOS 15 can Identify Plants, Pets, and More Using Visual Look Up in Photos

Apple added a new AI-driven feature called Visual Look Up that provides more information about photos of plants, flowers, pets, books, artworks, and landmarks. Here is what it can do.

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