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How to Deal with macOS Server Losing Many of Its Services

Apple plans to eliminate most of the Internet services provided by macOS Server. Here’s what this means for you (and to cut to the chase, if you’re running Server now or were planning to do so, get in touch with us).

iOS 12’s Screen Time Feature Helps You Manage Your iPhone Usage

Are you addicted to Facebook, Twitter, or the latest hot game on your iPhone? If you’re unhappy with how much you use social media or play games, iOS 12’s new Screen Time feature can help you exercise more self-control.

Make More Space for Documents by Putting Your Dock on the Side of Your Mac’s Screen

Put the Dock on the side of your Macintosh’s screen, where there’s plenty of room.

Apple Unveils New iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, and the Apple Watch Series 4

It’s official! Apple has announced the snazzy new iPhone XS, massive iPhone XS Max, and budget-friendly iPhone XR, along with the Apple Watch Series 4, which could literally save your life. Read more on our blog:

Sync all your Messages with Apple’s New Messages in iCloud Feature!

With macOS 10.13.5 and iOS 11.4, Apple finally delivered the long-promised Messages in iCloud feature. What’s the point of it, and should you turn it on? Here’s the answer:

Privacy First: Being an Apple User Means You’re Not the Product

Many of the big Internet companies make their money by assembling a dossier of information about you and then selling advertisers targeted access to you. Luckily, that’s not true of Apple—here are a few of the ways Apple protects your privacy.

Update AirPort Express Base Stations to Add AirPlay 2

Be able to play audio simultaneously through the AirPort Express and to other AirPlay 2–enabled devices, such as the HomePod and Apple TV.

A Hidden Trick that Lets You Navigate Your iPhone with One Hand

Reachability will allow you to use apps in the lower-half of your iPhone screen for a tap or two, and then they’ll expand back to the full screen to show the full interface.

Siri in Mojave Now Supports HomeKit and Find My iPhone

Now you can ask your Mac to find your iPhone or Turn off the Porch Light.

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