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Intuit Has Stopped Updating the QuickBooks Online Mac App; Switch to a Web Browser

If you’re using QuickBooks Online with the service’s Mac app to manage your business’s accounting, here are your options.

The Best Apple-Related Gifts for 2018

Looking for the perfect gift for that special Apple user in your life? Here are our choices for the best gifts.

Use This New Setting to Prevent iOS Updates from Consuming Precious Space

Apple has finally provided a setting you can disable to prevent iOS from downloading updates ahead of time.

Make More Space for Documents by Putting Your Dock on the Side of Your Mac’s Screen

Put the Dock on the side of your Macintosh’s screen, where there’s plenty of room.

iPhone alarm going off, but can’t get to your iPhone? Siri on a HomePod Can Help!

If you don’t have your iPhone handy when alarms go off, it can be annoying to find your phone and stop or snooze the alarm. Siri on your HomePod can help”

How to Secure your iPhone

You have already taken a great step toward protecting your data by selecting an iPhone. But here are a few more simple things you can do to help secure it. Right out of the box, Apple has provided you with an incredibly secure device. But, as with anything, if you use...

Keep Safe by Using Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

With mask wearing over the past year rendering Face ID ineffective at cash registers, we’ve become fond of using the Apple Watch for contactless payments with Apple Pay.

Apple Issues Voluntary Recall for Certain 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro Units

Heads up! If you’re using an older 15-inch MacBook Pro—the version with lots of ports that predates the current Thunderbolt 3 models—Apple has started a recall program…

When Does Your Warranty or AppleCare Expires? iOS 12.2 Lays It Out

With luck, you should never need to check your iPhone’s or iPad’s warranty status. But bad things do happen to good devices. Find out what to do.

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Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Media reports suggest that miscreants are trying to use Apple’s AirTag location trackers to stalk people. Apple has responded with personal safety advice and promised AirTag safety enhancements.

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Help your Family by Planning for the Future!

Help your Family by Planning for the Future!

Apple’s new Legacy Contact feature makes it simpler for you to give a family member access to your iCloud data after your death. Read on to learn how to make someone a Legacy Contact or what to do if you are a Legacy Contact.

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