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Top Features of iOS 12 to Take Advantage of Right Away

Apple has loaded iOS 12 with new features, and here’s a rundown of those that will make the most difference in your daily iPhone and iPad experience, including Screen Time, better notifications, improved Do Not Disturb, and more!

Why Should You Work with an Apple Professional?

Every now and then a potential client asks why they should work with us. The short answer is that we’re good at what we do, and we can help you solve your tech problems. Here’s the slightly longer answer:

Slow Mac? Here’s How to Figure Out If You Need More RAM

Is your Mac slowing down when you have a lot of apps and documents open? It may be running out of memory—learn why and what you can do about it.

Did You Know You Can Customize the Columns in a Finder Window’s List View?

When a Mac folder contains a lot of files, the Finder’s List view often works best, since it lets you focus on a single folder and easily sort the contents by clicking the different columns. What else can it do?

Beware Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Attacks!

We’re seeing an uptick in email phishing attacks purporting to come from Microsoft about Office 365. Find out how to protect yourself.

Use Guided Access to Let Kids and Others Use Your iPhone Temporarily

Never, ever share your iPhone or iPad passcode with anyone who you don’t trust implicitly. Instead, you can give people limited access to a single app with Guided Access. Learn more here:

Photos Not Syncing between Devices Properly via iCloud Photos?

Take some photos on your iPhone, and they should appear on your Mac and iPad a minute later. If they don’t, here is what to do.

Understanding Dark Mode in macOS 10.14 Mojave

Apple is promoting macOS 10.14 Mojave’s new Dark mode heavily. Read on to learn if it might be for you, how you can tweak its contrast settings, and what problems you might encounter.

How to Deal with macOS Server Losing Many of Its Services

Apple plans to eliminate most of the Internet services provided by macOS Server. Here’s what this means for you (and to cut to the chase, if you’re running Server now or were planning to do so, get in touch with us).

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