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Use This New Setting to Prevent iOS Updates from Consuming Precious Space

Apple has finally provided a setting you can disable to prevent iOS from downloading updates ahead of time.

Create Your Own Chat Group Via Slack

Whether you’re trying to maintain communications within a small firm, a workgroup, or a family, the group messaging tool Slack is a compelling solution.

Ever Wondered Which Words to Capitalize in a Title? Use Capitalize My Title!

There is no one right way, but just as with poor spelling and grammar, randomly capitalized titles can reduce reader trust in your knowledge, competence, and expertise.

How to Back Up an iPhone or iPad with Your Mac Running Catalina

If you prefer to back up your iOS devices to your Mac, rather than take advantage of daily automatic iCloud backups, note that in macOS 10.15 Catalina, you now do that in the Finder, not in iTunes. Here’s what you need to know:

Upgrade to iOS 13.4 to Fix Mail’s Lousy Toolbar Interface

Apple simplified the message toolbar in Mail, putting the Delete button where the Reply button had been in iOS 12 and leaving a lot of blank space in the toolbar.

Introducing Apple’s New AirPlay 2 with Multi-Room Audio

AirPlay 2 is here, almost a year after Apple first announced it. Read on to learn what it can do (multi-room audio!) and how you can use it.

Prevent Unsightly Tab Buildup in Safari on Your iPhone and iPad

Whenever you tap a link to open a Web page on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically opens a new tab.

Avoiding Embarrassment During Zoom Meetings, Online Presentations or Screen Sharing

When sharing your screen online, would you be embarrassed if your clients, colleagues, or bosses saw what’s on your Mac—your desktop picture, screen saver, browser tabs, email notifications, or Messages conversations? Here’s what to watch out for.

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Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Media reports suggest that miscreants are trying to use Apple’s AirTag location trackers to stalk people. Apple has responded with personal safety advice and promised AirTag safety enhancements.

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Help your Family by Planning for the Future!

Help your Family by Planning for the Future!

Apple’s new Legacy Contact feature makes it simpler for you to give a family member access to your iCloud data after your death. Read on to learn how to make someone a Legacy Contact or what to do if you are a Legacy Contact.

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