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Need to Import Photos from a non-iPhone or Want to Keep Images out of Photos?

What if you want to import photos from a device other than an iPhone or iPad—say a Samsung smartphone running Android—and what if you don’t want those images in Photos?

So What Are All Those Stacks of Notifications in iOS 12?

Apple corralled notifications by grouping them into stacks so you no longer see an endless screen of alerts. Find out how to make the most of this new feature.

Here’s How to Make Screenshots and Screen Recordings with Mojave’s New Interface

Have a question about something that happened on your Mac? Take a screenshot or make a screen recording to help tech support! It’s easier than ever in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Here’s How to See Full URLs in Safari’s Smart Search Field

This is useful if you need to copy just a portion of the URL to share or otherwise work with.

iOS 13 Replaces 3D Touch with Tap-and-Hold

Do you use 3D Touch on your iPhone? Not anymore, see what Apple has replaced it with…

A Quick Trick to Turn Your iPhone into a Magnifying Glass

It’s maddening to want to read a serial number or other bit of fine print that you can barely see. But fret no longer—your iPhone or iPad makes a fabulous magnifying glass!

Use Copy as Pathname to Help Someone Find a File on the Mac

Have you ever needed to write directions for where to find a file on the Mac? That’s easy if it’s in a well-traveled location, like the Music or Pictures folder, but more difficult if it’s buried several folders deep.

This Is Hands-Down the Easiest Way to Give Someone Your Wi-Fi Network Password

Apple’s operating systems can make connecting to a WiFi Network a lot easier.

Introducing Apple’s New AirPlay 2 with Multi-Room Audio

AirPlay 2 is here, almost a year after Apple first announced it. Read on to learn what it can do (multi-room audio!) and how you can use it.

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In Case of Emergency, Create an iPhone Medical ID

In Case of Emergency, Create an iPhone Medical ID

Did you know that an iPhone can store medical information that could save your life, or help you save someone else’s? Learn how to create your Medical ID, and be sure to teach others how to work with this information in case of an emergency!

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