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iOS 12 Supports 1Password Natively for Faster Password Filling

For those who rely on 1Password, iOS 12’s new support for third-party password managers makes it easier to log in to Web sites in Safari and iOS apps. Here’s how:

Here’s How Apple Changed Sending a Photo in Messages in iOS 12

To find and send a photo that’s already in Photos, use the Photos mini-app in Messages.

How to Migrate All of Your Data from CrashPlan

With CrashPlan deciding to leave the consumer backup space, CrashPlan for Home customers are now faced with having to migrate their data to a new cloud backup service.

What Rogue One Teaches About Data Backup

[Editor's Note: This Article was written by Peter Cohen for the Backblaze blog and was originally published on February 9th, 2017. We strongly encourage you to have proper backups of your data and to take a look at Backblaze.] I finally got a chance to see Rogue One:...

First 10 things to do with your new iPhone 8 or iPhone X

Now that you have unboxed your new iPhone, what are the steps to get up and running quickly? This article provides you with 10 steps to get the most out of you iPhone right away.

Winter Weather Warning: Keep Your Tech Toasty!

Ever wondered why your iPhone battery seems to die so much faster in the cold? It’s science! Read on for details and advice about caring for other electronic devices in cold weather.

13 Essential Trackpad Tricks for Mac Users

Did you know that you can make your Mac dance (well, not literally) with two-, three-, and four-fingered gestures on the trackpad? Read on to learn more.

Getting Rid of an Old Mac? Follow These Steps to Prep It for Its Next Life

If you’re passing an old Mac on to a colleague, friend, or family member—or returning it to Apple for recycling—follow these steps to prepare it for its next stage in life and ensure that no one will be able to access your data.

How to Secure your iPhone

You have already taken a great step toward protecting your data by selecting an iPhone. But here are a few more simple things you can do to help secure it. Right out of the box, Apple has provided you with an incredibly secure device. But, as with anything, if you use...

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