How to get the most from your Apple Technology

Setup your iOS Medical ID

Use Medical ID to save your important health information. Medical ID helps first responders access your critical medical information from the Lock screen, without needing your passcode.

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Backup Strategy for your Macs

In the tech world there are two kinds of people, those that have lost data and those that will lose data. Hard drives are mechanical and will eventually fail, even the new SSD (Solid State Drive) or Flash Memory have a lifespan of just a few years. Keep in mind that drive failure is just a small part of why backup is needed. If you consider how many businesses have hardware that gets lost or stolen each year as well, the total amount of data lost each year is staggering.

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Spontaneous Gluteal Call Connection Syndrome

We all know someone that suffers from Spontaneous Gluteal Call Connection Syndrome (SGCCS) and it may even have happened to you. But not to worry, GCCS, or Butt Dialing as it is commonly referred to, is easily preventable.

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Scareware on your Mac

You’re at your Mac, doing some working as normal, and you visit on a site you have been to many times before. But then you get a pop-up. And not just any pop-up, but a warning message that says your computer is suddenly compromised. Usually phrases like “virus detected” and “suspicious activity” are part of the warning. Panic begins, what can you do about this? Luckily that dialog has a phone number on it you can call to help you sort things out. For a fee, of course.

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