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Apple Updates iPad Lineup with new iPad mini and iPad Air

After more than three years, Apple has updated the beloved iPad mini with modern-day specs and Apple Pencil support, and the company also released an iPad Air that’s essentially a retooled iPad Pro. Learn more at:

Use Spotlight on the Mac to Convert Units, Track Flights, Find Movies, and More!

Among all the new stuff in macOS is a solid performer that too many Mac users overlook: Spotlight. Did you know you can use it to do currency conversions, track flights, check movie showtimes, and more?

iOS 12 Supports 1Password Natively for Faster Password Filling

For those who rely on 1Password, iOS 12’s new support for third-party password managers makes it easier to log in to Web sites in Safari and iOS apps. Here’s how:

What Apple Announced at WWDC

Check out what Apple announces at WWDC 2019

Did You Know You Can Make a Video of Anything on Your iPhone or iPad Screen?

Ever wanted to show a remote friend how to do something on your iPhone rather than talk them through it, step by step? The screen recording feature of iOS is just what the tech support doctor ordered. Learn how to record your screen here:

Here’s How to Mark Up Photos and Screenshots with Text and Graphics in iOS 13

Ever needed to circle an item on an expense receipt, add some text to a photo, or sign a PDF…on your iPhone or iPad? iOS 13’s Markup tools are surprisingly capable—learn more about what they can do here:

Apple Is Discontinuing Its Photo Printing Services—Here Are 7 Alternatives

As of September 30th, you won’t be able to order prints, cards, calendars, or books from Apple in Photos. But several extensions do most of what Apple did, and others go well beyond!

Running Low on Space on Your Mac? Here’s How to Clear Unnecessary Data

Is your Mac complaining about being low on drive space? Learn how to use the macOS Storage Management window to find and delete gigabytes of old, unnecessary, or obsolete files.

Apple Unveils New iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, and the Apple Watch Series 4

It’s official! Apple has announced the snazzy new iPhone XS, massive iPhone XS Max, and budget-friendly iPhone XR, along with the Apple Watch Series 4, which could literally save your life. Read more on our blog:

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Apple Significantly Enhances the 27-inch iMac

Apple Significantly Enhances the 27-inch iMac

Looking for a powerful desktop Mac? At long last, Apple has updated the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display, outfitting it with 10th-generation Intel processors, increasing its RAM and storage capacities, and improving audio and video quality.

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