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Apple Expands the AirPods Line with AirPods Max Headphones

Apple has given us larger iPhone Max models, and now introduced the AirPods Max. Take a look at this audiophile product…

Choose between Archiving and Deleting Messages in iOS Mail

When you’re viewing a message in Mail on an iPhone or iPad, you get five buttons. Read on to find out what they can do!

Read More Easily on the iPhone with Safari Reader

Do you sometimes find it difficult to read articles on your iPhone because of ads, banners, extraneous layout, social media icons, and too-small fonts? This can help…

iPhone Battery Percentage by the Numbers in iOS 16

See exactly how much battery you have left on your iDevice…

Amazing New Tips for Rearranging Apps on Your iPhone or iPad

We’ve learned two new tips that help even more!

Photos Not Syncing between Devices Properly via iCloud Photos?

Take some photos on your iPhone, and they should appear on your Mac and iPad a minute later. If they don’t, here is what to do.

Did You Know You Can Make a Video of Anything on Your iPhone or iPad Screen?

Ever wanted to show a remote friend how to do something on your iPhone rather than talk them through it, step by step? The screen recording feature of iOS is just what the tech support doctor ordered. Learn how to record your screen here:

Forrester Research and IBM Studies Show Macs Are Cheaper than PCs

Research shows that Macs are cheaper than PCs! Not upfront, but when you look at the Mac’s reduced need for software licenses, higher residual value, lower support costs, and better security, the numbers show the Mac coming out ahead. Details at:

Tired of PDFs or Other Documents Opening in the Wrong App?

Open documents in your Application of choice.

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Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Media reports suggest that miscreants are trying to use Apple’s AirTag location trackers to stalk people. Apple has responded with personal safety advice and promised AirTag safety enhancements.

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