Easily Share 2-Factor Codes with Your Team or Family

For better results when a team or family group needs to share 2FA codes to log in to a website, try to use an authentication app instead of SMS, or better yet, use a password manager that can both generate 2FA codes and share logins with a group.

July 1, 2024

When your team or family shares access to a single account (such as for banking or social media, which seldom offer multi-user access), using two-factor authentication via SMS is awkward, let alone not very safe—whose phone receives the 2FA codes? One solution is to use 1Password. 1Password is more secure, and multiple people can add 2FA support to the same account by scanning the QR code at setup or adding the 2FA setup URL later. Both 1Password and Apple’s iCloud Keychain, edit the login to see and copy the setup URL. 1Password supports both 2FA codes and password sharing. That way, one person can set up the account with 2FA and add its login to a shared vault or collection.

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