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How to Delete or Move iOS Apps you can’t find

This is handy way to delete or position an app you can’t find on a Home screen page.

HPC: Legitimately Worried That You’re Being Targeted Online? Try Lockdown Mode

High-value targets like activists, journalists, and government employees with access to sensitive information should consider enabling Lockdown Mode on their Apple devices to protect against hacking or spying by sophisticated digital attackers.

Web Ads: Making the Best of a Lose-Lose Scenario

Annoyed by the constant onslaught of Web ads? We explain the economics behind online advertising and offer practical tips for limiting the number of ads you see while not breaking other sites.

Troubles with Messages? Read On for Ten Possible Solutions

Having trouble with sending or receiving in Messages? Read this article for solutions to common texting problems:

Stop Snoops with Private Browsing and by Clearing Your Web Browsing History

Do you worry about people snooping into your Mac’s browser history? Or about suggested search terms based on previous searches showing up at the wrong moment? Our article explains how you can easily keep these details private.

Don’t Worry about an Occasional “Not Charging” Message on Your MacBook

Starting with macOS 10.15.5 Catalina, Apple introduced a battery health management feature that improves your battery’s lifespan by adjusting charging patterns.

Gone Phishing: Five Signs That Identify Scam Email Messages

Social Media: Would you or your employees click a login link in email or open an attachment from an unknown sender? Phishing—forged email designed to extract private information—is one of the greatest threats to business today. Learn how to identify it here:

Apple’s New AirPods Pro Offer Active Noise Cancellation and Better Fit

Apple just-released AirPods Pro, which offer a new design with three sizes of soft, flexible, silicone ear tips and welcome new capabilities.

Apple Releases COVID-19 Screening Tool App and Web Site

In partnership with the US Centers for Disease Control, Apple has released a free COVID-19 Screening Tool iOS app and nearly identical Web site.

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Your iPhone Says “It’s Too Darn Hot!”

Your iPhone Says “It’s Too Darn Hot!”

As many parts of the world struggle with record heat waves, remember that excessive heat—operating temperatures over 95ºF/35ºC—is harmful to portable electronic devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Keep your digital friends cool!

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