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Clean Up Old Tabs in Safari in iOS with This Quick Trick

Every time you tap a link to open a Web page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically opens a new tab. You probably have a lot open, here is what to do.

Intuit Has Stopped Updating the QuickBooks Online Mac App; Switch to a Web Browser

If you’re using QuickBooks Online with the service’s Mac app to manage your business’s accounting, here are your options.

How to Back Up an iPhone or iPad with Your Mac Running Catalina

If you prefer to back up your iOS devices to your Mac, rather than take advantage of daily automatic iCloud backups, note that in macOS 10.15 Catalina, you now do that in the Finder, not in iTunes. Here’s what you need to know:

Choose Your Preferred Default Web Browser and Email App in iOS and iPadOS 14

To switch to a different Web browser, follow these steps.

Messages Not Being Delivered to your Apple Friends? Check Cellular Data

Texts they sent in Messages via iMessage weren’t being delivered, but other texts were. Here is how we fix it…

Name That Tune with Siri or Control Center

Don’t you hate it when a familiar song is playing but you can’t think of what it’s called? Your iPhone can help…

Use the Driving ETA Feature in iOS 13’s Maps App to Share Your Arrival Time

A small but welcome new feature of iOS 13 is Driving ETA, which helps you share your estimated time of arrival with a contact whenever you’re navigating with the Maps app.

How to Choose Between iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream

Apple provides two ways of moving photos from your iPhone to your Mac: iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream. Which should you choose? We run through the pros and cons of each.

8 Ways Apple Improved the Camera App in iOS 14

Our phones may seem to be cameras, but they’re really computers, and software updates like iOS 14 can provide new camera capabilities, even with existing iPhone hardware. Here’s what to look for:

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