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Big Sur’s Translucent Menu Bar may be difficult to see for some. Here’s How to Disable It

Luckily, reverting to the traditional opaque menu bar is simple. Here is how to change it…

When Does Your Warranty or AppleCare Expires? iOS 12.2 Lays It Out

With luck, you should never need to check your iPhone’s or iPad’s warranty status. But bad things do happen to good devices. Find out what to do.

Use Your Apple Watch to Unlock Your Mac, and Apps in Catalina

If you’ve resisted requiring a password on your Mac after it wakes up or comes out of the screen saver because it’s too much work to enter repeatedly, an Apple Watch can make authentication much easier.

Catching up with Apple in May: New MacBook Pros, New iPod touch, OS Updates

If you haven’t been paying close attention, you might have missed Apple’s new MacBook Pros, new iPod touch, support for other streaming services in the TV app in iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3, and a repair program for “Flexgate.” Read on for details:

Make a Backup before Upgrading to macOS Big Sur or iOS 14!

To go forward—to macOS Big Sur or iOS 14—you must back up. Before you press the install button for either, make sure you’ve backed up your Mac or iOS device. Here’s how:

Need to Stay in Touch? Try One of These Videoconferencing Apps

With videoconferencing becoming an essential social tool, which app should you use? This article compares a few popular choices and helps you pick the best one for your needs.

Apple Releases Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, new iPad Air, and Subscription Services

Looking for a new Apple Watch or iPad? The new Apple Watch Series 6 tracks blood oxygen saturation, and the Apple Watch SE cuts the price by 30%. The new iPad Air has great performance without the iPad Pro price, and the new iPad remains cheap at $329.

Customize What Appears in New Finder Windows with This Tip

When you’re in the Finder and open a new Finder window does it display you documents the way you would like?. This article will help you customize it to make you more productive.

Forrester Research and IBM Studies Show Macs Are Cheaper than PCs

Research shows that Macs are cheaper than PCs! Not upfront, but when you look at the Mac’s reduced need for software licenses, higher residual value, lower support costs, and better security, the numbers show the Mac coming out ahead. Details at:

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Apple Significantly Enhances the 27-inch iMac

Apple Significantly Enhances the 27-inch iMac

Looking for a powerful desktop Mac? At long last, Apple has updated the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display, outfitting it with 10th-generation Intel processors, increasing its RAM and storage capacities, and improving audio and video quality.

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