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Want to Make Your iPhone and Apple Watch Easier to Read?

Having trouble reading the tiny, light text on your iPhone or, worse, your Apple Watch? Read on to learn four ways you can make them easier to read.

New 2018 MacBook Pros are Faster, More Powerful and Quieter

Apple has released updated versions of the Touch Bar-equipped 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro. Read on to learn about their improved performance, quieter keyboards, support for Hey Siri, and more.

13 Essential Trackpad Tricks for Mac Users

Did you know that you can make your Mac dance (well, not literally) with two-, three-, and four-fingered gestures on the trackpad? Read on to learn more.

Read More Easily on the iPhone with Safari Reader

Do you sometimes find it difficult to read articles on your iPhone because of ads, banners, extraneous layout, social media icons, and too-small fonts? This can help…

Scareware on your Mac

You’re at your Mac, doing some working as normal, and you visit on a site you have been to many times before. But then you get a pop-up. And not just any pop-up, but a warning message that says your computer is suddenly compromised. Usually phrases like “virus detected” and “suspicious activity” are part of the warning. Panic begins, what can you do about this? Luckily that dialog has a phone number on it you can call to help you sort things out. For a fee, of course.

Choose Your Preferred Default Web Browser and Email App in iOS and iPadOS 14

To switch to a different Web browser, follow these steps.

Set Your Preferred Name and Photo for Messages in iOS 13

In your list of conversations in Messages, you probably have lots of people who have generic icons next to their names or numbers. You likely look like that to other people as well, but a new feature in iOS 13 lets you share your preferred name and avatar picture with other iMessage users.

Learn How to Paste Text So Its Style Matches the Surrounding Text

Paste and Match Style command (sometimes called Paste and Match Formatting, Paste Text Only, or Paste without Formatting) is very powerful, learn hot to use it.

Invoke Split View More Easily in Catalina

Split View on the Mac helps you focus on your work in one app—perhaps a word processor—while providing access to one other app, like a Web browser.

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