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Preparing Your Organization for a Possible COVID-19 Quarantine

How would your organization react to a COVID-19 scare or quarantine? Here’s how you can use technology to respond to such an event.

Gone Phishing: Five Signs That Identify Scam Email Messages

Social Media: Would you or your employees click a login link in email or open an attachment from an unknown sender? Phishing—forged email designed to extract private information—is one of the greatest threats to business today. Learn how to identify it here:

Don’t Freak Out If You Get Blackmail Spam Containing an Old Password

Have you received email from a hacker who claims to have taken over your Mac and is backing up the claim by showing one of your passwords? We explain how it happened and what to do about it on our blog.

A Simple Technique for Decluttering Your Reminders List

Productivity experts recommend offloading things you have to remember to a task-management app like Apple’s Reminders, which syncs your to-dos among your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Here is a quick tip on how to do that.

How to Find the Pictures You Want in the Apple Photos App

Feeling overwhelmed by the task of finding a particular photo in the haystack of your digital photo library? We run through all the ways you can categorize and search for images.

Having Mac Troubles? Running Apple Diagnostics May Help Identify the Problem

If your Mac is acting up and you suspect a hardware malfunction, try running Apple Diagnostics to see if it identifies any issues. Instructions here:

Everything You Need to Know about Multitasking in iPadOS 13

Read this article to learn all the ways you can use multiple apps at the same time on an iPad running the new iPadOS 13.

AirDrop Reception Not Working? Here’s the Likely Fix

But what if your iPhone doesn’t appear for the person who wants to share with you?

New 2018 MacBook Pros are Faster, More Powerful and Quieter

Apple has released updated versions of the Touch Bar-equipped 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro. Read on to learn about their improved performance, quieter keyboards, support for Hey Siri, and more.

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Apple Significantly Enhances the 27-inch iMac

Apple Significantly Enhances the 27-inch iMac

Looking for a powerful desktop Mac? At long last, Apple has updated the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display, outfitting it with 10th-generation Intel processors, increasing its RAM and storage capacities, and improving audio and video quality.

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