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Spontaneous Gluteal Call Connection Syndrome

We all know someone that suffers from Spontaneous Gluteal Call Connection Syndrome (SGCCS) and it may even have happened to you. But not to worry, GCCS, or Butt Dialing as it is commonly referred to, is easily preventable.

Do You Know What the Scroller in a Scroll Bar Tells You?

Did you know its size and position are useful for orienting yourself within the page?

Do Not Disturb is now More Powerful After Upgrading to iOS 15

Apple expanded the concept of Do Not Disturb to what it calls Focus. You can create a Focus for different types of activities, so only specific people and apps can break through your cone of silence at appropriate times.

Apple’s Preview app can Resize Images in Various Ways

If you need to work with graphics occasionally but lack professional tools and experience using them, give Preview a try. It’s on every Mac and is surprisingly capable. Follow along with our tutorial at:

Too Many Home Screens in iOS 14? Here’s How to Hide Them!

So if you already have a lot of Home screens that contain a random assemblage of apps, it might be easier to hide those screen, he is how….

What Does Having a T2 Chip in Your Mac Mean to You?

If you have an iMac Pro, or a Mac mini, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro introduced in 2018 or later, your Mac has an Apple T2 security chip. Read on to learn about what the T2 does for you and the tradeoffs it requires.

Setup your iOS Medical ID

Use Medical ID to save your important health information. Medical ID helps first responders access your critical medical information from the Lock screen, without needing your passcode.

Want an Early Warning System for COVID-19 Infections? Install NOVID!

Go beyond doomscrolling COVID-19 infection rates and install the free NOVID app to get an early warning system that shows how close infections are in your personal connection network.

Tired of PDFs or Other Documents Opening in the Wrong App?

Open documents in your Application of choice.

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Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Update on AirTag Safety & Privacy

Media reports suggest that miscreants are trying to use Apple’s AirTag location trackers to stalk people. Apple has responded with personal safety advice and promised AirTag safety enhancements.

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Help your Family by Planning for the Future!

Help your Family by Planning for the Future!

Apple’s new Legacy Contact feature makes it simpler for you to give a family member access to your iCloud data after your death. Read on to learn how to make someone a Legacy Contact or what to do if you are a Legacy Contact.

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