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Need to Limit How Much Your Kids Use Their Devices? Use Screen Time in iOS 12

Giving your kid an iPad or iPhone can be both a blessing and a curse, but with iOS 12’s new parental controls in Screen Time, you can limit use by time and app, and do it entirely from your iOS device.

When Does Your Warranty or AppleCare Expires? iOS 12.2 Lays It Out

With luck, you should never need to check your iPhone’s or iPad’s warranty status. But bad things do happen to good devices. Find out what to do.

Siri in Mojave Now Supports HomeKit and Find My iPhone

Now you can ask your Mac to find your iPhone or Turn off the Porch Light.

Use macOS’s Guest Account to Protect Your Privacy from Temporary Users

We’ve all had it happen. “Can I use your Mac for a minute to check my email?” The answer can be “Yes,” here’s how to do it safely.

Tired of PDFs or Other Documents Opening in the Wrong App?

Open documents in your Application of choice.

Easily Save Drafts When Composing Messages in Mail on the iPhone

Need to check something in another email message while composing a message in Mail on an iPhone?

Scareware on your Mac

You’re at your Mac, doing some working as normal, and you visit on a site you have been to many times before. But then you get a pop-up. And not just any pop-up, but a warning message that says your computer is suddenly compromised. Usually phrases like “virus detected” and “suspicious activity” are part of the warning. Panic begins, what can you do about this? Luckily that dialog has a phone number on it you can call to help you sort things out. For a fee, of course.

Go Beyond External Hard Drives with Network-Attached Storage

If you or your business relies on significant amounts of storage, you’ll be best served by network-attached storage—a NAS. Read about the benefits and features of NAS devices in this article, and contact us for a customized recommendation.

Winter Weather Warning: Keep Your Tech Toasty!

Ever wondered why your iPhone battery seems to die so much faster in the cold? It’s science! Read on for details and advice about caring for other electronic devices in cold weather.

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In Case of Emergency, Create an iPhone Medical ID

In Case of Emergency, Create an iPhone Medical ID

Did you know that an iPhone can store medical information that could save your life, or help you save someone else’s? Learn how to create your Medical ID, and be sure to teach others how to work with this information in case of an emergency!

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