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Managed Software Center-Featured
One of the biggest challenges our clients, both home and business, faced was keeping their software updated.

August 13, 2020

We have been rolling out a new feature of SEAL Proactive Care to select clients over the past few weeks. As of today, it is now available to all of our clients.

Keeping your software updated

One of the biggest challenges our clients, both home and business, faced was keeping their software updated. Sure there is the App Store which is available on every Macintosh computer, but unfortunately there are some apps that are just not available there.

When apps are not available via the App Store, users are challenged with finding the safe download for the app they need. Then keeping them updated is another issue. Some apps offer an update mechanism and some require you to re-install them each time. There are way too many methods for everyone to remember. Which leads to different versions of apps on your computers. Sometimes this isn’t an issue, but in some circumstances this can lead to incompatibility between documents and operations.

Why keep you apps updated?

Security & Privacy

As more of use are concerned with the security and privacy of our informations, App Developers have been updating their software more ofter to address these concerns. Not updating your software can lead to vulnerabilities and possibly data loss.

New App Features

Many App Developers are introducing new features to their software that may make using it even easier. Perhaps there was something you needed the app to do, but it just wasn’t available. These developers, the good ones anyway, listed you your feed back and regularly introduce abilities that their users have requested.

Choosing the right software

Which Apps should I, or my Staff, install?

Another issue our clients have asked us to help with, is the ability to have groups of app that are recommend for each staff member or department. Our Managed Software Center allows us to setup these groups of app for your company as well as offer a set of Featured apps that we recommend for any user.

Introducing Managed Software Center

Managed Software Center-Featured

Main Features

  • Keep your Apps updated automatically
  • Recommended apps for you & your staff
  • Makes available groups of recommended apps
  • Specific various departments
  • Safely download recommended apps
  • One place to keep updates and app installs
Managed Software Center- Updates

Now Available to all our SEAL Proactive Care clients

Contact us today to have our Managed Software Center deployed in your environment. Business or home users, can benefit from not having to worry about software updates. Plus, you may discover some great apps that will help with your productivity.

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