Let It Snow, but Let Me Know First. Setup Notifications in iOS 16’s Weather App

iPhone’s Weather app has learned some new tricks in iOS 16 here is how to stay safe....

December 22, 2022

Thanks to Apple’s 2020 acquisition of weather company Dark Sky, the iPhone’s Weather app has learned some new tricks in iOS 16 as well as now being available on the iPad with iPadOS 16. Most obvious is its addition of weather maps that can show precipitation, temperature, and air quality. More subtle are the notifications that can alert you to incoming precipitation at your precise location. To turn them on in Weather, just scroll down to the bottom of any city’s weather and tap Turn On Notifications, then tap Enable Notifications and follow any prompts. Make sure Critical Alerts and Time Sensitive Notifications are turned on. Tap Weather in the top left corner and tap Location; make sure it is set to Always. Now return to the Weather app (we were just in the Settings app) and turn  Severe Weather and Next-Hour Precipitation if you like, then tap Done. You can also do this later in Settings > Weather > Location and Settings > Weather > Notifications.) From then on, whenever Weather thinks precipitation is about to start or stop at any of your preset locations, you’ll get an alert.

(Featured image by iStock.com/trendobjects)

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