1Password adds support for Vaccine Cards

1Password Medical records
In May 2021, the team at 1Password introduced a brand new item type of record with distinct fields to help you store and track health-related information. But that is just the beginning...

June 3, 2021

1Password has always been our choice to help you secure your digital life. 1Password will safely store logins, passwords, credit cards, email addresses, and other identity information. But it doesn’t just store numbers and codes. It’s also a great place to keep copies of important documents – everything from birth certificates to family records – the list is endless.

In May 2021, the list got a little bit longer when the team at 1Password introduced a brand new item type with distinct fields to help you store and track health-related information. The new Medical Record type, available to all 1Password subscribers using version 7.8.4 or greater on their Macintosh computer and 7.7.5 or later on your iPhone or iPad. The version for your Macintosh computer also introduced unlocking 1Password in the Browser, but more on that later.

Just add a title, date, practitioner’s name, and anything else you want to save. They’ve included some default data suggestions and, like other 1Password item types, you can add custom fields and remove others as you see fit. It’s all incredibly flexible and practical – and that was the goal.

According to 1Password “New features and item types aren’t born out of think-tank brainstorm sessions in far-away offices. We listen to our customers and then build software to help make their lives a little simpler. We believe this human approach changes the way our software is designed. And the new Medical Record is no exception.”

Their Customer Support team received countless requests for a specific place in 1Password to keep COVID-19 vaccination information. They liked the concept, but didn’t want to stop there. They set out to create a new item type that was as versatile and accessible as possible. “We want you to be able to pull out your phone during a doctor’s visit, quickly and easily search, and find your vaccination record, or any other medical information you’ve saved.”

With the information safely stored in 1Password and iOS Medical ID, you are able to share certain details about your health (if you’re comfortable sharing them) with medical professionals, family members or loved ones, in the event of an emergency.

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