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  • 'How Apple's security system broke some Mac apps' ↦
    My old Macworld colleague Rob Griffiths explains why some well-known Mac apps recently stopped launching: [1Password, PDFpenPro, and Soulver] contained an expired code signing certificate. That expired certificate prevented the apps from launching, though no developer would have expected that, based on Apple’s own documentation. And an expired code... Read more »
  • Using Overcast 3 for podcast triage
    Overcast 3 came out earlier this week, but I’ve been using a beta version for a while, and it’s changed the way that I plan my podcast playlist. (First, I should say that if you’re someone who wants to carefully curate your podcast playlist, you should check out Supertop’s Castro, which... Read more »
  • All Natural Contact
    All Natural Contact is the user friendly, time-saving way to keep up with your team’s most important contacts. It’s a naturally intuitive customer relationship management system built for small businesses and small teams. All Natural Contact is more than just a name and a number. With our Conversation Log, everyone on your... Read more »
  • For a bigger iPad to work, iOS needs some interface improvements (Macworld)
    The future of iOS is bright. While I love my Mac and expect to be using the Mac for a long time yet, iOS is the Apple operating system for the next 30 years. As I described last week, there are many different directions iOS can go in, taking the... Read more »
  • (Podcast) Rebound 125: Literal Parlor Tricks
    by Dan MorenA smorgasbord this week, as we discuss news of Alto’s Odyssey, rumors about new iPads and iPhone SE capacities, and Lex’s strange goals for his smart bulbs. We also discuss the problems with Uber, Alexa’s problems with drink recipes, and The Verge’s lack of problems with an overblown... Read more »
  • Castro 2.3 released ↦
    Supertop’s beautiful podcast app Castro just got a new update with some interesting features, including smart use of iOS 10’s interactive notifications to extend Castro’s triage approach to podcasts right into the notifications themselves. [Read on Six Colors.]... Read more »
  • (Podcast) Clockwise #177: Burn It Down and Start Over
    This week on Clockwise we cover our favorite workspaces, send some fresh tech for the cornfield, disclose the gender of our voice assistants, and check in on the Touch Bar. Dan and Jason are joined by Christa Mrgan and Merlin Mann!... Read more »
  • Apple Park campus to open in April
    by Dan MorenSo it’s not “the Spaceship” after all. Apple has announced that its new, 175-acre campus will be dubbed “Apple Park”, with employees starting to transfer over in April. Moving all 12,000 employees will apparently take around six months, and during that time construction on both the building and... Read more »
  • Automate this: Holiday lights the hard way
    This story starts, as most modern horror stories do, with a text message from Lex Friedman. I want you to publish a tutorial on how I can use IFTTT applets and a calendar to tell my front lights to change colors depending on the date. So they’re green on... Read more »
  • Overcast 3 is out ↦
    Congratulations to Marco Arment for releasing Overcast 3, the latest version of my favorite podcast-listening app. This is a big design update influenced by the modern design conventions of iOS. There’s a new playing-screen interface that uses more of a “card” metaphor. It also offers better listening-queue management, a feature that... Read more »