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  • The Deck is shutting down ↦
    When I started Six Colors I was worried about advertising. I wanted to follow the “Daring Fireball model” of weekly sponsorships, plus supplement that income with a classy tile ad from The Deck. I contacted Jim Coudal, the founder of The Deck, and he agreed to take my entirely new... Read more »
  • David Pogue's FlightTrack replacements ↦
    You may remember that my favorite flight-tracking app died recently, and I’ve vowed to check out some of the replacements. In fact, I’ve got a folder full of them on my iPhone and will be using them as I travel to the UK and Ireland over the next couple of... Read more »
  • (Podcast) Clockwise #182: Sorry, My Brain Crashed
    by Dan MorenOn the 30-minute podcast that all the kids are listening to, we discuss technology failures and the fears they spawn, the future of internet privacy in a world where our browsing activity is for sale, products or companies we’d like to see acquired, and brain-tech interfaces. We’re joined... Read more »
  • The dream of converting podcasts into text
    I love podcasts. But you can’t use Google to search for something that was said during a podcast. And if you can’t listen—because of physical disability, personal preference, learning style, or any other reason—you’ll never know what’s being said. An entire vibrant, conversational, fun corner of the digital media world... Read more »
  • Xcising Xcode ↦
    by Dan MorenWhen running the slew of updates yesterday, a new version of Xcode popped up on my MacBook Air. Which, naturally, reminded me I had Xcode installed on it, despite the fact that I’ve never really used it other than for a few one-off tasks. Xcode takes up a... Read more »
  • Six Colors sponsorships open
    Just a reminder that if you have a product or service you’d like to promote to a really good crop of readers, Six Colors Sponsorships are available, and at the moment, very available. Email me at if you have any questions or interest.... Read more »
  • 'The final 2017 emoji list' ↦
    Jeremy Burge at Emojipedia has the details of the final list of new emojis for 2017: Changes from past drafts include the flags of England, Scotland, and Wales. These join previously approved candidates such as vomit face, orange heart, and T-Rex…. Unicode continues to work on functionality and documentation... Read more »
  • (Podcast) Upgrade #134: Steal Its Bezel Thunder
    This week on Upgrade, the revival of the iPad name leads us to speculate about a new phase in Apple’s product approach, and what it tells us about the future of the iPhone. We also discuss where the iPad Pro might go next, and what Apple’s acquisition of power-user app... Read more »
  • Apple software updates galore: iOS 10.3, macOS 10.12.4, more
    by Dan MorenApple’s released one of its deluge of updates today, with new versions of operating systems for Macs and iOS devices, as well as revisions across the board to the iWork suite of apps. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s out there and what’s new. macOS 10.12.4: The One with... Read more »
  • 25 Coolest Things Apple's Workflow App Can Do (Tom's Guide)
    The Workflow app for iOS was always widely recognized as one of the platform’s most powerful apps. And now, it’s a part of the platform, after Apple bought Workflow and made the app available for free. Because of that, there’s never been a better time to give it a try.... Read more »