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  • Apple Xinyi A13 opens in Taipei
    by Apple Newsroom on June 15, 2019 at 12:59 am

    Apple Xinyi A13 opens in Taipei
    Apple opened Apple Xinyi A13 in Taiwan today, welcoming thousands of customers in the bustling Xinyi district of Taipei.
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  • Logic Pro X update taps the tremendous power of the new Mac Pro
    by Apple Newsroom on June 13, 2019 at 9:58 am

    Logic Pro X update taps the tremendous power of the new Mac Pro
    Today Apple released a new version of Logic Pro X, its professional music production software, with performance updates for all users and optimizations that take advantage of the groundbreaking power of the all-new Mac Pro. Making full use of the Mac Pro hardware, Logic Pro X 10.4.5 will now support up to 56 processing threads, allowing pro music producers and film composers to work through incredibly demanding music projects with unprecedented ease.
    Mac Pro together with Logic Pro X 10.4.5 allows pro musicians to do things never before possible in the production process. With the new Mac Pro, Logic can now run up to five times the number of real-time plug-ins compared to the previous generation Mac Pro. Logic Pro X 10.4.5 increases the available track and channel count for all users, now supporting up to 1,000 audio tracks and 1,000 software instrument tracks, providing four times the number of available tracks for the most complex productions. Additionally, Logic Pro X now supports 1,000 auxiliary channel strips, 1,000 external MIDI tracks and 12 sends per channel strip. Users can also expect improved responsiveness of the Mixer and Event List when working with large sessions, and projects with numerous Flex Time edits and tempo changes perform more efficiently than ever.
    Pro musicians are already expressing their excitement for the Mac Pro with Logic Pro X, saying:
    “Logic is my primary creative tool for composing music, playing a key role in creating the scores for ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ and ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.’ When you’re working, time is incredibly valuable and you never want to lose the flow of new musical ideas. I’m really excited to see the increased performance of Logic Pro X 10.4.5 along with the power, expandability and configurability of the new Mac Pro — together they will help me work even faster and let me focus more on being creative.” — Daniel Pemberton, composer for “Black Mirror,” “Yesterday” and “Ocean’s 8”
    “Sometimes, a producer will subconsciously avoid exploring certain creative ideas because they think their hardware and software might hold them back. Logic Pro X 10.4.5 and the new Mac Pro are going to lift those limitations. In addition to the dramatically increased track count, there are a lot of little things in the new version of Logic that really add up. It’s great seeing Apple’s commitment to delivering these high performance tools for pros.” — Stuart Price, producer and mixer for The Killers, Madonna, Coldplay and Seal
    “Music producers use technology to help us produce our art, and we've been waiting a long time […]

  • Apple Xinyi A13 opens Saturday in Taipei
    by Apple Newsroom on June 12, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    Apple Xinyi A13 opens Saturday in Taipei
    Apple Xinyi A13 will open Saturday in Taipei’s bustling Xinyi district. At Apple’s latest store in Taiwan, customers can explore Apple’s full line of products, take their creativity further and get technical advice and support.
    For the first time, Apple will host artist-led Today at Apple sessions in Taiwan featuring world-class creators, including local artists based in Taiwan. Programming kicks off with a six-week Stage for Creativity series starting opening day, with a performance from singer Eve Ai.
    Every day, free Today at Apple sessions are offered on art and design, photography, video, music, coding, app development and more. The hands-on group sessions inspire learning and encourage connection between participants looking to take their skills to the next level.
    New to Taiwan, customers can get personalized technical support on their devices in the Genius Grove, working side-by-side in the store with Geniuses under the comfortable canopy of trees.
    Over half of the 155 team members at Apple Xinyi A13 come from stores across the region and collectively speak more than 10 languages. Creative Pros, the liberal arts equivalent to Apple’s technical Geniuses, are experts in one or more areas of the arts and ready to pass along their knowledge to Apple users of all levels.

    Apple Xinyi A13 opens Saturday at 10 a.m. Nearly 4 million people have visited the Apple Store in Taiwan since Apple Taipei 101 opened almost two years ago.
    To sign up for Today at Apple sessions, visit and the Stage for Creativity page.
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  • When words aren’t enough, teachers find a common language with iPad
    by Apple Newsroom on June 11, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    When words aren’t enough, teachers find a common language with iPad
    A single voice calls out “Sabah-ul-khair” and an eager chorus returns the greeting.
    At the beginning of each language class at Wilhelm Ferdinand Schussler Day School in Dusseldorf, Germany, teacher Nick Kyriakidis asks a different student to say “good morning” in his or her native language. On this morning, as is the case most often now, that language is Arabic.
    The diversity of this classroom is a reflection of the changing face of Germany and Europe. Over the last five years, the region has seen the largest influx of immigrants and refugees since World War II. Many have fled violence and war in the Middle East, which presents a unique set of challenges to educators, who are not only contending with different languages, but entirely different alphabets. In some cases, new arrivals have never stepped foot in a classroom before.
    For Kyriakidis, 47, and his colleague Sinaan El Haq Hadjeri, 31, who alternate teaching the class on different days, one of the most powerful tools they have to bridge that language divide is iPad.
    “Kids withdraw when they’re afraid of [making] mistakes,” says Kyriakidis. “If we try to reduce this fear, it’s much easier for them to work with us because they don’t have anything to lose.”
    “With iPad … it’s different than when they write something [on paper] and I come in with my red pen and say ‘that’s wrong,’” says Hadjeri. “[With iPad] they learn for themselves.”
    Of the school’s approximately 325 students who come from 39 different countries, about 20 percent are “Deutsch als Zweitsprache” (DAZ), which translates to “German as a Second Language.” Of the seven students in class today, four are from Syria, and the other three are from Afghanistan, Iraq and Kenya.
    Since the school began the 1:1 iPad program, where every student has access to their own iPad, 100 percent of participants have graduated, an increase of more than 20 percent. And nowhere is the difference more transformative than with the DAZ students.
    That includes Medina Ibrahim, 13, and her brother Mohammed, 16, who came to Germany with their parents and two younger siblings. Their journey from Aleppo, Syria, took them through Turkey before the family settled in Dusseldorf.
    Medina says that when they arrived they were very lonely because they couldn’t speak a word of German and had trouble making friends.
    Over the course of the last year, Medina, her brother and the other students in this class have worked with their iPads daily, including using a number of lessons that Kyriakidis created with Keynote. Today, Medina assembles a sentence into the correct word order, and uses Voice Record to say it in German into her iPad. It gives her and the other students the opportunity to sound out foreign words by themselves, without […]

  • Apple Design Awards celebrate best in class design for apps and games
    by Apple Newsroom on June 4, 2019 at 7:57 am

    Apple Design Awards celebrate best-in-class design for apps and games
    Apple yesterday hosted the Apple Design Awards and recognized nine iOS developers for outstanding artistry, technical achievement, user interface and application design. The developers represent companies large and small, located all over the world including Australia, Austria, England, France, Italy, Lithuania and the US. The winning apps represent a wide range of categories spanning photo editing, drawing, medical imaging, sports and games. Each one offers a unique approach to user interface design, sound design, graphics, controls or gameplay and take advantage of breakthrough Apple technologies such as haptics, Metal or Core ML.
    “iOS developers keep raising the bar. This year, we are especially proud to see so many apps and games putting health, fitness, creativity and exciting gameplay at the center of their app experience,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We congratulate all the Apple Design Award winners on their incredible creativity and ingenuity.”
    The nine winning apps follow a tradition of delivering groundbreaking user experiences within emerging and mature categories. Past Apple Design Award winners have transformed the way people experience the world through their Apple devices. Design excellence has helped revolutionize apps such as speech translation (iTranslate Converse), illustration (Procreate), anatomical learning (Complete Anatomy) and interactive entertainment (“Florence” and “Alto’s Odyssey”).
    To learn more about and download the apps and games, visit the App Store.
    Watch the Apple Design Awards ceremony here.
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