When Asking us about Phishing Emails, Make Sure to use Forward as Attachment

Use Forward as Attachment from the Messages menu, to send up questions about such email.

March 15, 2021

Sadly, email is not an entirely reliable communications medium, thanks to spam filters, addressing errors, and server failures. With certain types of email, it’s worth double-checking that a message was seen. One example of that we see is with reports of phishing email, which miscreants use to try to trick you into revealing passwords, Disneyland AP numbers, credit card info, or other sensitive information. Phishing messages can be tricky to identify—that’s their goal. If you’re forwarding a possible phishing email to us or another trusted technical contact for evaluation, remember that spam filters often catch such messages, so they may go unseen. To work around this awkwardness, make sure you do not use the regular Forward button, but rather use Forward as Attachment from the Messages menu. You can change the Subject line to anything you like.


Forward as Attachment

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