Set “My Card” in Contacts to get Safari’s AutoFill Working

It appears that her "My Card" was never selected and the solution turned out to be simple.

January 16, 2023

We heard from a client that AutoFill in Safari suddenly stopped entering her name and address in Web forms when she chose Edit > AutoFill Form or pressed Command-Shift-A, forcing her to enter her contact information manually. (And yes, the “Using information from my contacts” checkbox was selected in Safari’s AutoFill preferences.) It appears that her “My Card” was never selected and the solution turned out to be simple. She went into Contacts, found her personal contact card, and chose Card > Make This My Card. Give this a try if you’re having trouble with AutoFill or haven’t yet started using it in Safari.


For an even better solution we recommend using 1Password “Identities.” This allows you to select which contact information you would like to use. For example you could have a Home, Work, P.O. Box and other addresses ready to go. 

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