How to Use FaceTime Head-Tracked Spatial Audio

If you’ve ever experienced a weird situation where sound on a FaceTime Audio call moves back and forth between your AirPods, it’s because of spatial audio’s dynamic head tracking. Learn how to turn it off.

March 4, 2024

If you listen to a FaceTime Audio call using AirPods you have the ability to hear the other person’s voice moving from side to side as you turn your head, this new feature is called “head-tracked spatial audio”. In general, spatial audio attempts to make sounds seem to come from all around you, and its dynamic head-tracking option adjusts the audio for each ear to simulate how the sound would change as your head moves. Dynamic head tracking is best for music or movies, but with a FaceTime Audio call, having the other person flip back and forth between your ears can be interesting. To adjust this behavior on an iPhone or iPad, open Control Center, touch and hold the volume control, and tap either Off, Fixed or Head Tracked. Spatial audio isn’t an option on Mac FaceTime calls.

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