Earn 4.15% with an Apple Card Savings Account

Apple’s just added an Apple Card Savings account that earns 4.15% savings account! It is a high-yield savings account aimed at holding Daily Cash rewards and more.

May 29, 2023

Apple is continuing its forays into the financial world with the introduction of Apple Card Savings. This program is a new savings account from Apple’s financial partner Goldman Sachs that offers 4.15% interest with no fees, no minimum deposits, and no minimum balance requirements. The Savings account is designed to hold your Daily Cash rewards from using the Apple Card, but you can transfer as much as you want into it, up to $250,000. Given the ultra low interest rates offered by many local banks, the Apple Card Savings account may be compelling. You can easy manage the account in Apple’s Wallet app, or export the transactions for use in Quicken, QuickBooks or any app that uses the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format. There is even an export to a CSV file for use in Pages.

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