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Beware Scammers when Selling Your Old Tech Hardware Online

Whenever Apple releases hot new hardware, it’s tempting to order the latest and greatest and then put your old Mac or iPhone up for sale on a classifieds site like Craigslist. But be careful…

Some May Like It Hot… But Your Technology Prefers to Stay Cool

How hot is too hot for your Apple devices? You may be surprised by the answer.

Photos Not Syncing between Devices Properly via iCloud Photos?

Take some photos on your iPhone, and they should appear on your Mac and iPad a minute later. If they don’t, here is what to do.

New 16-inch MacBook Pro Sports a Redesigned Scissor-Switch Keyboard

Responding to customer complaints and media mocking, Apple has introduced a new 16-inch MacBook Pro that features improves on its predecessor in several ways…

Winter Weather Warning: Keep Your Tech Toasty!

Ever wondered why your iPhone battery seems to die so much faster in the cold? It’s science! Read on for details and advice about caring for other electronic devices in cold weather.

What Apple Announced at WWDC

Check out what Apple announces at WWDC 2019

What Are All These New Privacy Request Dialogs in Mojave?

macOS 10.14 Mojave changes how privacy works on the Mac by making apps ask for permission to use the camera, microphone, and quite a bit more. Here’s how this works and what you should do when prompted.

Did You Know This Hidden Trick for Opening System Preferences Panes Directly?

The System Preferences app on the Mac contains about 30 icons, each leading to additional settings panes. Rather than opening System Preferences, scanning the collection of icons, and clicking the one you want, you can jump directly to the desired pane.

Get Stacked: Reduce Icon Clutter in Mojave with New Desktop Stacks

Is your Mac’s Desktop a cluttered mess? If you’d like to clean it up in a flash—and keep it clean—try the new Stacks feature in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

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