How to get the most from your Apple Technology

What OS Version Are You Running? Here’s How to Find Out.

Quick! Can you find the current operating system version for all your Apple devices? Learn how to carry out this essential troubleshooting task—it’s easy!

Make Safari Tabs Easier to Identify by Adding Icons

Do you end up with so many tabs in Safari that it becomes impossible to read the truncated tab titles? Safari 12 has a new feature for you!

Use Copy as Pathname to Help Someone Find a File on the Mac

Have you ever needed to write directions for where to find a file on the Mac? That’s easy if it’s in a well-traveled location, like the Music or Pictures folder, but more difficult if it’s buried several folders deep.

With just a Flick of a Wrist you can Invoke Special Views and Features on your Mac

Did you know that you can turn on certain Mac features by sliding the pointer to a corner of the screen? Here’s how:

Tired of “Sent from my iPhone” as Your Email Signature?

When you use Apple’s Mail app on your iPhone to send email, the default signature is “Sent from my iPhone.” Maybe you would prefer to change it.