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How to Migrate All of Your Data from CrashPlan

With CrashPlan deciding to leave the consumer backup space, CrashPlan for Home customers are now faced with having to migrate their data to a new cloud backup service.

First 10 things to do with your new iPhone 8 or iPhone X

Now that you have unboxed your new iPhone, what are the steps to get up and running quickly? This article provides you with 10 steps to get the most out of you iPhone right away.

Clean Up Old Tabs in Safari in iOS with This Quick Trick

Every time you tap a link to open a Web page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically opens a new tab. You probably have a lot open, here is what to do.

Backup Strategy for your Macintosh Computers

In the tech world there are two kinds of people, those that have lost data and those that will lose data. Hard drives are mechanical and will eventually fail, even the new SSD (Solid State Drive) or Flash Memory have a lifespan of just a few years. Keep in mind that drive failure is just a small part of why backup is needed. If you consider how many businesses have hardware that gets lost or stolen each year as well, the total amount of data lost each year is staggering.

Look Up All Sorts of Information with a Quick Click or Tap on the Mac

Apple makes it easy to look up information about any word you can see on your Mac,

So What Are All Those Stacks of Notifications in iOS 12?

Apple corralled notifications by grouping them into stacks so you no longer see an endless screen of alerts. Find out how to make the most of this new feature.

Use Apple Pay Cash to send & receive money

Sending and receiving money is as simple as sending a message. And managing Apple Pay Cash is easy in the Wallet app. Use your debit or credit card with just a touch of your finger or by asking Siri. Now you can quickly and easily send, receive, and request money in...

Apple Moved Control Center in iOS 12 on the iPad—Here’s Where to Find It

Although most of what’s new in iOS 12 are new features, one change for change’s sake may throw you. Where is Control Center in iOS 12?

Find out if Your Online Passwords have been stolen!

Have any of your online passwords been stolen in a breach? The answer is probably “yes,” and today’s article helps you discover and correct your most problematic passwords.

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