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Established in 1978 S.E.A.L. Systems began working with a single Apple Computer in a school. Yes, you read that right, that was six years before the Macintosh was introduced in 1984. The first computer we worked with was an Apple ][. In fact up until a couple years ago we still had clients that we provided technical support for their Apple II series computers. They have since upgraded to Macintosh computers.

From the first Macintosh to the new iPad and MacBook Air, we have worked with just about every Apple product there is, including the Lisa and now the iPanel. If you need advanced help or just have a simple question, S.E.A.L. Systems can help.

For the business we provide training, maintenance, upgrades and general consulting for their entire office as well as supporting their existing IT staff.

From helping schools set up networks to installing the latest software on your Macintosh, we have the ability to provide you with everything you need to be productive.

Need a special piece of software, we can find it for you. Looking for a certain visual, we can create it for you. Would your office run better with a custom database application, then S.E.A.L. Systems should be your choice in Macintosh consulting.

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