A Few of Our Clients

→ Adville-USA

Pasadena, CA

Branding, Advertising and Promotion. Clients include Wienersnitzel, HamburgerStand and TasteeFreez.

→ Ambidextrous Productions, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Michael Albert's Ambidextrous Productions, is one of Los Angeles' premiere editors.

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→ Avatar Labs

Innovative by Design

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→ Christopher Gray Post

Santa Monica, CA

CG Post provides editing and post production services to the independent video producer. They are experts at getting the highest quality from small format video.

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→ Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Los Angeles, CA

A very forward and progressive company, The Chubb Group decided to update their staff with iPads and S.E.A.L. Systems provided training which allowed them to access the full potential of this new technology.

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→ Collage Digital Video

Los Angeles, CA

Collage Digital Video maintains a state of the art digital video post-production facility. Three digital editing bays including AVID Symphony, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM.

→ Dave Bischof Plumbing

Sylmar, CA

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→ Dave Newman Advertising

Van Nuys, CA

Dave Newman Advertising, known as one of the top full-service creative agencies in Los Angeles, provides a wide range of marketing and design services. From identity designs or sales promo materials, to multi-level marketing and ad campaigns, we focus on building our client?s brand.

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→ DocuComm


DocuComm is a deceptively easy to use, browser based, application designed to document (record in a database) all 'official' communications and interactions between your company and its customers. The system maintains copies of all of the communications sent between parties as well as copies of all documents, and their revisions, that have been delivered between the parties. The system also allows anyone, with the proper authorization, to access the complete history of communications and interactions between the parties connected to a project. Depending on how you decide to configure the system it can also automatically notify all parties using the system (your employees as well as your customer's) of what is to be done next, and by whom. Furthermore, the system does not allow anyone to 'drop the ball' because it reminds everyone that is supposed to follow-up daily to do so until they comply.

→ Dr. Eve Cappello


Author / Speaker / Trainer / Educator / Business Consultant.

→ drop of water productions

Los Angeles, CA

drop of water productions is an independent, wholly owned, motion picture, television and new media production company.

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→ East Pacific Communications

Torrance, CA

Provider of Multi-Media development.

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→ erbaviva

Erbaviva was born to bring to the world a collection of the purest, most natural, organic skincare products available.

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→ Frantic Redhead Productions

Los Angeles, CA
Edinburgh, Scotland

FRP produces plays in scotland. We created and maintain their website. It features interactive calendaring for show schedules. A press area, featuring high-resolution artwork and press-kits. An image gallery, with live in-field updating. A complete administration area.

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→ High Performance Prose, Inc.

Northridge, CA

HPP's talented staff acts not only as your marketing partner, but as your strategic media relations counsel. They do a lot more than just write and distribute press releases. They assist you in developing a complete media or branding outreach strategy. As such, their Macintosh and Windows computers cannot be offline. We make sure that their computers are always up and running.

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→ Highwood Productions

Los Angeles, CA

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→ Iain Kennedy


Iain Kennedy has worked on projects such as "Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession" (2004), "Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel" and "Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope" (2000).

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→ J.D. Hinton


From Bourbon Street, the Kentucky hills, the blue waves of California, out through the night sky from a radio station on the Chicago loop, Texas dance halls and Baptist churches. This is JD's music.

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→ Jarrin Printing and Imaging

Van Nuys, CA

Full Service printer serving southern California.

→ Just Ask Jen.com

Just Ask Jen.com is a relationship website...

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→ Ken Annakin


Director of "Battle of the Bulge". Writer and Director of "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes".

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→ L.A. Splash Magazine

Los Angeles, CA

A very popular online magazine, serving Los Angeles.

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→ Los Angeles Unified School District

Granada Hills, CA

Robert Frost Middle School, wanted to provide its students and faculty with a much more stable and speedier environment. Apple's Xserves fit the bill, with Mac OS X Server.

Visit Los Angeles Unified School District

→ Los Angeles Unified School District

Chatsworth, CA

Aggeler High School needed to upgrade from Mac OS 9 and Mac Manager to Mac OS X Server. Students can now authenticate to a central G5 server as well as providing access to their home folders from any iMac. Netboot and Network Install allows all the iMacs to share the same software setup as well as making changes to a single iMac can now propogate across all iMacs. Network Install can run completely unattended, providing a streamlined installation and upgrade experience for your users. You may also choose to specify certain client actions before or after the installation of a software package or system image. Once the installation process is complete, client systems no longer need to be connected to the network, making Network Install an excellent solution for managing mobile computers.

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→ Marty Mullin


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→ Randall Scherrer Advertising

Hollywood, CA

A leading advertising agency, RSA has worked on such projects as In-N-Out, Men In Black and companies like Amblin Entertainment,? DreamWorks and Universal Pictures.

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→ Scorpio-Security


International Robbery Consultants to the Banking industry.

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→ Smart-Start Hosting

Burbank, CA

Smart-Start Hosting provides web hosting, site design and customized application developemnt and integration.

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→ The Spanish Teacher

Encino, CA

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→ Traveling Light

Burbank, CA

Traveling Light's extensive relationships with production and post-production facilities combined with the experience and skill of our staff allow us to deliver high quality productions on time and on budget. From comedy to drama, award-winning documentaries to cutting-edge reality programming, Traveling Light does it all...and does it better...than anyone else.

→ Vertical Ascent

Vertical Ascent is a small company with a wide footprint in entertainment. From their ground breaking work with iNDemand on iNDEEP, a 14 part series in 3D to Reality shows like Pirate Hunters for SPIKE TV as well as award winning, docudramas like The Crash of Flight 191 for The History Channel and A&E Biographies on everyone from John Travolta to Brad Pitt, Richard Gere to Bruce Willis and LL Cool J.

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→ W3 Interactive Media

Woodland Hills, CA

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→ Wee Dram Productions, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Peter Shepherd, producer of "Baby Luv", "The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo" and "Fifty/Fifty", needed his PowerBook configured for world travel. While working on productions abroad, Mr. Shepherd needed access to scripts, budgets and email from anywhere.

→ Zone-Zero


A Protal site for the world wide photography community.

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